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NIGMS Offers $3M for PGx Knowledge Base

NEW YORK (GenomeWeb News) – The National Institute of General Medical Sciences will grant up to $3 million this year to fund one pharmacogenomics knowledge resource that will "serve the needs of the entire research community" through a National Institutes of Health funding opportunity.

Direct costs for the program are limited to $2 million per year for the Pharmacogenomics Knowledge Base (PharmGKB) over a period of up to five years. This program will enable new and renewal applications for an earlier program called the Pharmacogenetics and Pharmacogenomics Knowledge Base.

The goal is to support a program that will "present complete, comprehensive, and current knowledge in pharmacogenomics, backed by critical datasets, and the most compelling literature." It should "support and extend modern research approaches" that could help to achieve the goal of using pharmacogenomics to help guide doctors' treatment and therapy decisions.

"Obtaining basic research information and applying it in standardized manner both retrospectively and prospectively for future studies is challenging," NIGMS said in the funding announcement. "A neutral broker that presents a resource which harmonizes and meets community agreed-upon standards could be of immense value."

Applicants will define the scope of the project and the data types, and the awarded program is expected to maintain continuous dialogue through methods such as advisory and user groups.

Research topics could include a variety of efforts including comprehensive listings of known genes and gene variants that predict drug responses; definitions of drug responses; current knowledge of genotype-phenotype relationships; accessible views of drug pathways of metabolism, disposition, and sites of action; drug structures, structure-function relationships, and alterations in variants; data-sharing capabilities for addressing questions that can be solved through harmonizing new and existing data sets; possible sources for reagents and models; and other efforts.

Letters of intent for the PharmGKB program are due May 2. More information about the funding opportunity can be found here.

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