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Nanogen, Rubicon Genomics


Nanogen has finished beta-testing its ASRs for mutations in the CFTR gene and has begun a controlled launch of the products, which are associated with cystic fibrosis.

Nanogen also released a 3-SNP ASR for mutations in the HFE gene, which are associated with hereditary hemachromatosis. The firm also began beta-testing its Assay Tool Box product, which is expected to roll out by the end of the month.

Two other products began beta-testing, according to Nanogen: a test for beta-thalassemia and a multiplex ASR for Factor V and Factor II.

Lastly, the company said it is internally validating a protocol for Canavan disease and expects in March to begin beta-testing an ASR for apolipoprotein E, a genetic marker linked to Alzheimer’s.

Rubicon Genomics has unveiled its service business, which is based on its OmniPlex technology. Rubicon said the technology “restores large amounts of genetic information from very small amounts of degraded DNA.

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