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Matthew Hogan, Daniel Caserza, Quest Diagnostics, Affymetrix, Promega, Takara Bio, Beckman Coulter, Molecular Research Center



Matthew Hogan, Ciphergen's chief financial officer, has resigned, according to documents filed by the company with the US Securities and Exchange Commission last week.

Hogan will "provide consulting services" to the company and receive his current salary for up to six months, according to the filing.

Daniel Caserza was named interim CFO. Caserza joined Ciphergen in 1999. He became a vice president in April 2005.

New Releases

Quest Diagnostics this week launched its first Leumeta-family test for tumor load, cancer marker detection, and treatment monitoring, the company said this week. The test is the first to analyze serum rather than bone marrow for these purposes, according to the company. It detects molecular components of leukemia and lymphoma tumors — RNA, DNA, and protein, the company said.

Affymetrix this week launched five new whole-genome tiling array products as part of its ChIP-on-Chip product line, as well as four tiling array supporting products. The array products include: a Human Tiling 2.0R Array Set; a Human Promoter 1.0R Array; a Mouse Tiling 2.0R Array Set; and a Mouse Promoter 1.0R Array. The supporting products include: a GeneChip WT Double-Stranded DNA Terminal Labeling Kit; Tiling Analysis Software; an Integrated Genome Browser; and a Chromatin Immunoprecipitation Assay Protocol. The company's tiling array sets interrogate all of the non-repetitive portions of a genome, Affymetrix said.

Promega's new PureYield RNA midiprep system, launched last week, quickly removes genomic DNA without DNase treatment, and a single kit can isolate as much as 1 mg of total RNA from a variety of cell types, the company said.

Takara Bio said this week it would launch its Thermal Cycler Dice real-time PCR system on April 3. The device sells for about $32,000, and can quantitatively identify DNA amplification products in a real-time manner, the company added.

Beckman Coulter's GenomeLab SNPStart primer extension kit launched this week. The kit is intended to be used for SNP detection on the company's CEQ 8000-series genetic analysis system, and it is validated and optimized for multiplexing as many as 10 SNPs per tube, eliminating ligation and enzymatic cleavage, the company said.

Molecular Research Center this week launched its DNAzol Direct universal reagent for processing samples for direct PCR. The reagent requires no DNA isolation, and takes about 15 minutes to prepare a sample for PCR analysis without the use of columns, centrifugation, or DNA precipitation.

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