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Kay Napier, Steve Lombardi, Michael Morgan, Robert Bast, Daniel Chan, Ian Jacobs, Joyce Schwartz, William Wallen, David Gelfand, Evan Jones, Epicentre Biotechnologies, and more



Kay Napier has joined Third Wave Technologies' board of directors, the company said this week.

Napier most recently held the position of senior vice president of marketing at McDonald's, where she has been since 2002, and also served as the company's chief marketing officer for the European market.

She has also held a range of positions over 20 years at Procter & Gamble, from assistant brand manager to vice president and general manager of North American pharmaceuticals. There, she also led P&G's women's health program and served as managing director of strategic planning for its pharmaceuticals business.

Steve Lombardi has joined Helicos BioSciences as senior vice president of marketing.

Lombardi most recently served as a senior vice president at Affymetrix, where he was responsible for corporate development, product R&D and marketing, and corporate marketing between 2002 and 2006.

Prior to Affymetrix, Lombardi worked for 16 years at Applied Biosystems as a marketing manager and as an executive. From 1989 to 1998, Lombardi managed ABI's DNA sequencing and genetic analysis business.

Genome Canada has appointed Michael Morgan as chief scientific officer.

Morgan was formerly chief executive of the Wellcome Trust Genome Campus. He graduated in biochemistry from Trinity College, Dublin, and obtained his PhD from Leicester University for studies of microbial carbohydrate metabolism. He joined the Wellcome Trust in 1983.

At the Wellcome Trust, Morgan was responsible for the development of several initiatives, including the International Human Genome Sequencing Project, the Mouse Sequencing Project, the UK Synchrotron, DIAMOND, the SNP Consortium, and the Structural Genomics Consortium.

Ciphergen Biosystems has established a scientific advisory board with five members: Robert Bast, vice president for translational research and a professor at the University of Texas MD Anderson Center; Daniel Chan, a professor of pathology, oncology, urology, and radiology, and the director of the Center for Biomarker Discovery at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine; Ian Jacobs, director of the Department of Gynecological Oncology and the Institute of Women's Health at University College London; Joyce Schwartz, vice president and chief laboratory officer of Quest Diagnostics; and William Wallen, senior vice president and chief scientific officer of Idexx Laboratories.

David Gelfand has joined the scientific advisory board of Innovative Biosensors.

Gelfand most recently served as vice president of discovery research at Roche Molecular Systems. Prior to that, he was with Cetus, where he founded the company's recombinant molecular research division in 1976.

Evan Jones will retire as chairman and CEO of Digene during the company's 2007 fiscal year, the company said last week.

Jones will remain a member of the Digene board of directors.

The board's nominating and corporate governance committee is overseeing the search for a new CEO, "and is in the process of retaining an executive search firm to conduct this search," the company said.


New Releases

Epicentre Biotechnologies this week launched it's FailSafe Probes Real-time PCR System, the company's optimized PCR procedure involving fluorescently labeled probes. The system's enzyme blend amplifies difficult targets "with extremely high specificity, sensitivity, and fidelity," and the 2X premixes included represent a range of optimal real-time PCR conditions, the company said in a statement.

Premier Biosoft International last week launched AlleleID version 3, a tool for designing oligonucleotides for use in both RT-PCR and microarray-based pathogen identification assays.

AlleleID is capable of aligning sequences and analyzes conserved and species-specific regions to design molecular probes for microarrays and TaqMan molecular beacon RT-PCR assays, according to Premier.

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