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John Puisis, Jeff Bork, Ove Mattsson, Julia Hunter, Stephen Rossetti, Metin Colpan, Peer Schatz, Joachim Schorr, Bernd Uder, Roland Sackers, Michael Collasius, Aeneas Marxen, Uli Schriek


Third Wave Technologies has named its chief operating officer John Puisis to the additional post of president. Puisis, 43, will oversee management of the company’s operations and the firm’s transition into molecular diagnostics. He joined Third Wave in October 2001 as CFO. Additionally, David Nuti was appointed CFO, taking over the post once held by Puisis. Nuti, 44, joined Third Wave in April 2002 as corporate controller.

Pyrosequencing chairman and CEO Jeff Bork will become president and CEO of Biotage, the name Pyrosequencing hopes to acquire after buying Biotage two weeks ago. Ove Mattsson, previously chairman of the board of Personal Chemistry — another company Pyrosequencing recently acquired — will be chairman of the new Biotage.

Applied DNA Sciences has appointed corporate spokesperson Julia Hunter as vice president and director. She will focus on establishing relationships within the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries. Her appointment increases to four the number of directors on the company’s board.

Hunter is a board-certified anesthesiologist with a concentration in acute and chronic pain management. Early in her career, she was drafted as interim, and then acting, CEO of several privately held corporations. She later became the science liaison to a variety of large subscription magazines and newspapers, and served as a science spokesperson on radio and television talk shows.

Applied DNA Sciences has appointed former White House official Stephen Rossetti president. Rossetti, who has served on the company's board of advisors and as a strategic business consultant in Washington, DC, since January of this year, has experience both with the legislative and executive branches of the US government. Most recently he was president of Markquest, a government relations firm that consults on national security and technology issues.

Rossetti was appointed by the White House in 1998 to overhaul and integrate human resource, finance, and technology processes for the Department of Defense. He served as the chairman of a Defense Relocation Reengineering Board that included members from the DOD logistics, personnel, finance, legal, and information-technology communities, as well as leaders from the branches of the Armed Services.

Qiagen managing director and CEO Metin Colpan, 48, will step down and become senior technology advisor and a member of the company's supervisory board. Peer Schatz, 38, managing director and CFO, was named CEO as well as chairman of both the management board and a newly created Executive Committee. These changes will go into effect on Jan. 1, 2004.

The committee will comprise Schatz; Joachim Schorr, 43, managing director and senior VP of R&D; Bernd Uder, 46, managing director and senior VP for sales and marketing; Roland Sackers, 34, CFO, deputy managing director, and VP of finance; Michael Collasius, 41, VP of instrumentation; Aeneas Marxen, 43, VP of operations; and Uli Schriek, 47, VP of business development.

Qiagen expects to appoint additional members to the committee "as new hires are finalized,” the company said in a statement.


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