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Institut Curie and Affymetrix, Li-Cor, UBS Warburg and Affymetrix, GeneGo and GlaxoSmithKline, Sorensen Genomics and Pacific Rim Consulting, and Lynx, USC and Solexa


Institut Curie to Use Affy Arrays to Develop Cancer Diagnostics

The Institut Curie of France will use Affymetrix microarrays in several large-scale clinical studies aimed at developing diagnostic tests for cancer, the two partners said this week.

Institut Curie, a private cancer research center based in Paris, plans several translational medicine studies, based on its library of frozen tumor samples, which will use Affymetrix’s GeneChip arrays.

The first two projects aim to identify prognostic markers for breast cancer relapse and for metastasis of uveal melanoma, a form of eye cancer.

Li-Cor to Offer $2M to Colleges, High Schools to Support Genomic Education

Li-Cor is offering $2 million in matching funds to undergraduate colleges and high schools to enhance their genomic education programs, the company said this week.

The funding is designed to help the schools acquire the company’s DNA-sequencing instruments and software.

Applications for the company’s Genomics Education Matching Fund program are being accepted now through March 1, Li-Cor said. Eligible institutions must demonstrate how they will incorporate the Li-Cor DNA analysis system to teach students.

The schools may also use the instruments for faculty and student research programs.

UBS Downgrades Affymetrix Stock, Raises Target Price

UBS Warburg has downgraded shares in Affymetrix to a “neutral” rating from a “buy” rating this week.

UBS said Affymetrix’s stock trades at a “significant, and in our opinion well deserved, premium” to its peers and is now fairly priced. UBS also raised its price target for the stock to $47 per share from $43 per share, MarketWatch said.

Affy last week reported [see Pharmacogenomics Reporter’s sister publication GenomeWeb News, 1/26/2005] a surge in fourth-quarter revenue and increases net earnings.

GeneGo Licenses MetaBase Database to GSK

GeneGo has licensed its MetaBase database of human biology and medicinal chemistry to GlaxoSmithKline, the company said this week.

According to GeneGo, GlaxoSmithKline plans to apply the database to its preclinical drug discovery efforts, as well as to integrate the database’s content into its internal informatics systems.

Specific terms of the arrangement were not disclosed.

Sorensen Genomics, Pacific Rim Consulting Donate Services to Identify Thai Tsunami Victims

Sorensen Genomics and Pacific Rim Consulting have been identifying victims of the tsunami in Thailand, the Salt Lake City-based companies said this week.

Both companies have been donating their services to collect tissue and dental samples from tsunami victims and perform DNA analyses to identify them.

At present, Sorenson Genomics is performing DNA analyses on hundreds of the most difficult victims to be identified. In total, Sorenson might provide up to $1.5 million worth of testing services.

Lynx Wins Second Service Contract with USC; Sets Date for ‘04 Annual Meeting to Vote on Solexa Merger

Researchers at the University of Southern California will continue to use Lynx’s gene-expression technology to study oyster larval development after winning a new grant from the National Science Foundation, Lynx said this week.

Under the new agreement with USC, Lynx will be paid for performing genome-wide transcriptome sequencing services on oyster samples, using its massive parallel signature sequencing technology.

Separately, Lynx said it will hold its 2004 annual meeting of stockholders on March 21, where shareholders will vote on the proposed merger with Solexa.

Lynx also said it will have a hearing before a Nasdaq listing qualifications panel on Feb. 9 to review Nasdaq’s decision to delist the company [see Pharmacogenomics Reporter’s sister publication GenomeWeb News, 1/7/2005] from the SmallCap Market after Lynx failed to hold an annual stockholder meeting by Dec. 31, 2004.

“We believe that following the upcoming stockholders’ meeting, Lynx will again be in full compliance with Nasdaq listing requirements,” acting CEO Mary Schramke said in a statement this week.

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