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Illumina, Golden Helix, Bio-Rad, Gene Logic, Orchid Biosciences


Illumina has begun shipping two Sentrix BeadChips, which allow whole-genome and RefSeq-based expression profiling of multiple samples on the same microarray, the company said this week. The Sentrix Human-6 BeadChip is designed to analyze six discrete human RNA samples on one chip, interrogating more than 46,000 transcripts per sample, and it contains more than 10 million features, Illumina said. The Sentrix HumanRef-8 BeadChip can query eight samples in parallel against 23,000 transcripts derived from the RefSeq database, the company added.

HelixTree v3.1 for Mac OS X was released this week by Golden Helix. The software performs linkage disequilibrium analysis, haplotype and diplotype estimation using the expectation/maximization (EM) algorithm, Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium analysis, regression-based haplotype association techniques, SNP tagging, and two-loci genetic association search, the company said in a statement. The product uses a FIRM-based recursive partitioning data analysis engine for locating key genetic and environmental subpopulations, the company added.

Bio-Rad last week launched a new first-strand cDNA synthesis kit, the iScript Select cDNA kit. The kit includes an "optimized section" of primers, the company said in a statement. The kit is quality controlled for cDNA fragments greater than 6 kb in length, the company added.

Gene Logic released an upgrade of its Genesis Enterprise System 2.5 that "expands and accelerates" drug-risk assessment using genomics and toxicogenomics data and related clinical information, the company said last week. The software can import, analyze, and annotate Affymetrix GeneChip array data, as well as data related to the company's BioExpress and ToxExpress systems. The new version includes updated group-share abilities and improved tools for pathway and target analysis, relating gene expression to clinical attributes, identifying disease genes, and analysis and visualization, the company said.

Last week, Orchid Biosciences launched its new Ovine PrP Genotyping Kit for scrapie susceptibility, which is intended for lower-throughput sheep testing, the company said. The company has signed an agreement with Prion Diagnostica to commercialize this kit in Italy, the company added.

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