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Heiner Dreismann, Peter Goodfellow, Donald Low, Brad Popovich, John Jaskowiak, Larry Tiffany, Jens Beator, Kathleen Mullinix, David Evans, Bill Craumer

ChondroGene has appointed former Roche CEO Heiner Dreismann to its board of directors.
Before being appointed CEO, Dreismann held senior positions within Roche Diagnostics in the areas of global business development, business unit manager for PCR and microbiology, as well as R&D positions in microbiology and infectious diseases, and in manufacturing.
He said ChondroGene "is developing a truly revolutionary approach to molecular diagnostics," and the said the firm’s Sentinel Principle platform “enables timely, cost effective generation of biomarker content.”

Decode Genetics appointed Peter Goodfellow to its board of directors, effective immediately.
Goodfellow was until recently senior vice president for discovery research at GlaxoSmithKline. He received his PhD from Oxford University.

Tm Bioscience has appointed Donald Low as chairman of its scientific advisory board, effective immediately. He replaces Brad Popovich, who will no longer serve on the company's SAB.
Low is a professor of medicine and microbiology at the University of Toronto; head of the Division of Microbiology in the Department of Laboratory Medicine and Pathobiology at the University of Toronto; medical director of Public Health Laboratories; and chief of the Toronto Medical Laboratories and Mount Sinai Hospital Department of Microbiology.

ExonHit Therapeutics has hired John Jaskowiak as executive vice president of business and marketing. Jaskowiak will work out of the company’s US subsidiary in Gaithersburg, Md.
Jaskowiak comes to ExonHit from Affymetrix, where he was senior director of marketing. His goal at ExonHit will be to “develop a partnering business model for ExonHit's genomics efforts to expand ExonHit's business in diagnostics and personalized medicines," the company said.

Gene Logic has extended until Dec. 31 the employment of Larry Tiffany as senior vice president and interim general manager of its Genomics Division. The company originally signed him up for these duties on June 30 and said he would remain employed until Aug. 31.

Protagen has hired Jens Beator to oversee its new Protein Biochips unit.
Beator, 43, comes to Protagen from Whatman, where he was most recently director of business development
His duties at Protagen will be to further develop the firm’s UNIchip product line, introduced in September 2005.

Nutrigenomics company WellGen has appointed Kathleen Mullinix as its new CEO effective immediately to succeed David Evans, who passed away on June 1.
Mullinix previously was an advisor to investors on biotechnology and pharmaceutical business opportunities through her company Kathleen P. Mullinix & Associates, which she founded in 2002. Before that, Mullinix served as the founder, chairman, CEO and president of Synaptic Pharmaceutical
She has a BA in chemistry from TrinityCollege and a PhD in chemical biology from ColumbiaUniversity.

Illumina spokesman Bill Craumer has left the company to join Isis Pharmaceuticals.
Craumer, in an e-mail, said he spent “six wonderful years with Illumina” but that he’d “always wanted to move downstream into the therapeutic space, and this is a wonderful opportunity.”

Isis, located in Carlsbad, Calif., just up the coast from Illumina’s San Diego headquarters, has a technology that discovers drugs focused on RNA targets in the areas of cardiovascular, metabolic, inflammatory diseases, and cancer, according to Craumer.  

He said the company plans to commercialize “an integrated biosensor system for use in disease surveillance, infectious disease research and diagnostics.”

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