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GeneNews Presents Positive Data on ColonSentry


GeneNews last week presented data from a study on ColonSentry, a pre-screening test for colorectal cancer, suggesting that its panel of seven mRNA biomarkers may be able to accurately assess an individual's risk of CRC ahead of colonoscopy.

GeneNews presented findings from the study, called "Blood RNA Biomarker Detects Both Left- and Right-sided Colorectal Neoplasms," at the Next Generation Dx Summit held in Washington, DC, Aug. 24 – 26.

Following 786 patients, the study found that ColonSentry "was able to detect right-sided CRC lesions across all stages with a sensitivity that is at least equal to the detection observed for left-sided lesions."

Colonoscopy is considered the gold standard for colorectal cancer detection. However, GeneNews cited studies that suggest that the effectiveness of colonoscopy is "confined to detection of tumors on the left side of the colon, with poor detection of the right-sided lesions."

The company believes that routine use of ColonSentry may improve CRC detection by assessing lesions on both sides of the colon and "revealing the potential presence of neoplasms in advance of colonoscopy."

"We have long believed that widespread adoption ColonSentry would encourage more patients to engage in colorectal cancer screening, leading to earlier detection, improved patient outcomes and reduced healthcare costs," GeneNews President Gailina Liew said in a statement.

"The results from this study further demonstrate the value of using ColonSentry as a routine test in advance of colonoscopy to provide a pre-screening alert, ultimately leading to enhanced colorectal cancer screening effectiveness," she added.

In light of this data, there have been reports that the company may be readying to launch ColonSentry in New York as a laboratory-developed test by year end or in the beginning of 2011.

ColonSentry is currently sold in Canada, but recently announced licensing agreements with Enzo Clinical Labs will allow the company to start marketing the test in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania.

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