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Donald Grimm, George Uveges, Thomas Williams, David Patteson, Marijn Dekkers, Illumina, CombiMatrix, Iconix Pharmaceuticals



Donald Grimm was named a director of HTG, the array-based gene expression company said this week.

Grimm is a partner at Hamilton BioVentures. He has served on the boards of Aegis Therapeutics, Angstrom Pharmaceuticals, CellzDirect, and Invitrogen. He has held managerial positions at Eli Lilly and served as president and CEO of Hybritech.

George Uveges was named a director of Harvard Biosciences, the company said this week.

His appointment is effective on the day after the company files its annual report. He will serve on the audit committee, the company said.

Uveges is the founder of the Tallwood Group. He is the former president and CEO of TranXenoGen, and was a director of that company from 2001 to 2005. He has also held executive positions at BioSource, NEN Life Science, Gelman Sciences, GI Plastek, and Invacare.

Exagen named Thomas Williams chief science officer and vice president of research and development, the company said this week.

Williams was Exagen's special advisor for molecular pathology before joining the company full time. He is a part-time professor of pathology at the University of New Mexico, where he is the former vice chairman of the department of pathology.

David Patteson is stepping down as president of Biotage's discovery chemistry division as of April 1, the company announced last week.

He is leaving to "seek new challenges elsewhere," according to a statement from the company.

Torben Jorgensen will succeed Patteson.

Thermo Electron is paying chief executive Marijn Dekkers a bonus of more than $1.3 million, according to regulatory filings last week. Dekkers' 2006 salary is just over one million dollars, the filing said.


New Releases

Illumina this week announced the availability of three GoldenGate SNP assay panels designed to study genetic variation and help researchers understand how certain genotypes impact disease.

Specifically, Illumina launched its GoldenGate Cancer Panel, which the company claims can genotype 1,421 loci on over 400 genes thought to be related to disease progression. It has also released two GoldenGate Mouse Linkage Mapping Panels for GoldenGate genotyping. According to Illumina, the first panel includes 377 validated SNP loci optimized for the 10 most common inbred mouse strains used in genetic mapping, while the second panel includes 1,449 loci, and can provide higher resolution and broader mapping capability.

Additionally, Illumina has introduced Sentrix universal arrays that contain a multiplex level of 96 GoldenGate assays. Illumina said the enhancement will enable users to genotype sets of custom markers ranging from 96 to 1,536 SNPs per array.

Also, Illumina has launched a GoldenGate DNA Test Panel composed of more than 360 markers that reside outside of genes and conserved sequences and are likely to be neutral to disease association. The company said the panel can be used to selectively pre-screen sample DNA quality prior to embarking on a large-scale genotyping study.

CombiMatrix this week launched its ElectraSense Influenza Typing System, the company said.

CombiMatrix said that the ElectraSense System is a portable system that uses the company's Influenza A Typing Microarray and enables users to verify whether samples contain a highly pathogenic substrain of H5N1 or one of the several non-lethal substrains of H5N1.

The system is designed for research use, surveillance and monitoring applications, animal studies, and other applications not requiring US Food and Drug Administration registration. CombiMatrix said it will seek FDA approval for the product.

Iconix Pharmaceuticals said this week that it has added data generated with the Affymetrix microarray platform to its DrugMatrix toxicogenomic database.

According to Iconix, the DrugMatrix expansion adds data for hundreds of compound treatments in liver, kidney, heart and cultured primary rat hepatocytes. The database now includes data generated by the Affymetrix GeneChip RG-230 2.0 Array, which interrogates more than 30,000 transcripts and variants from the rat genome, including more than 28,000 rat genes.

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