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Beckman Coulter: Feb 21, 2007

Beckman Coulter is introducing two new kits for multiplexed, quantitative gene expression analysis on the GenomeLab GeXP Genetic Analysis System, the company announced this week. 
The Human Breast CancerPlex and Human MetastasisPlex Kits assay up to 30 genes from a single RNA sample. According to Beckman Coulter, its GeXP technology was “developed to fill the gap between whole-genome microarrays and single-gene, real-time PCR.”
The CancerPlex Kit includes primer mixes for 25 of the most commonly studied genes, plus three reference genes and one internal standard. The MetastasisPlex Kit features 16 of the most commonly studied biomarkers in varying stages of tumor progression, three reference genes and one internal standard. The controls verify the accuracy of the assays.
“The unique gene sets in these panels have been shown to have biological relevance in recently published scientific papers,” Beckman Coulter said. “Users of the kits may also add specific genes of interest to the plex to customize their studies,” the company added.
The research use only kits enable the study of gene pathways in breast cancer and tumor progression.

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