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Asper Biotech and BioData, Qiagen, Lion Bioscience


Asper Biotech and SNP-bioinformatics company BioData have co-developed and launched a tool for handling SNP-genotyping data.

The tool, SNP Assistant, was designed to manage, validate, and analyze SNPs. According to the partners, the product offers marker and sample validation; case-control & TDT tests; LD calculation and publication-level visualization; relationships testing; and com-
parison of datasets.

SNP Assistant “is not platform dependent and handles genotyping results from all major technology platforms, enabling groups with different technologies to work in similar environments,” Asper Biotech said.

Qiagen has released the QIAamp DNA Micro Kit. The product “combines the selective binding properties of a silica-based membrane with elution volumes of between 20 and 100 µl for the purification of gen-omic and mitochondrial DNA from small amounts of sample.”

Lion Bioscience has introduced its new iDEA pkEXPRESS technology for human ADME prediction.

The product can be installed as a PC desktop application from a CD-ROM, or integrated into a cheminformatics system as an ADME compute engine, according to Lion. Information generated can then be automatically registered to the corporate compound collection database, or viewed with standard analysis programs, Lion explained. It comprises the company’s new Distribution and Elimination Model, which is designed to predict pharmacokinetics of new chemical entities in drug discovery.

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