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Applied Biosystems, Illumina


Applied Biosystems has released its BioTrekker v1.0 software, which allows multiple researchers to use its GeneMapper v3.5 and SDS 2.2 database to download finished genotyping data into a single results database.

This product supports microsatellite data and data from ABI’s newly released SNPlex system. BioTrekker is also compatible with SNaPshot kits analyzed by the GeneMapper software, and supports allelic discrimination data from the SDS v2.2 database, according to ABI.

The BioTrekker is designed for ABI’s 3100/3100-Avant gene analyzers, the 3730/3730xl gene sequencers, and the PRISM 7900HT SNP-detection system, the company said.

Separately, ABI launched version 3.5 of its GeneMapper software allele calling on the PRISM 3100 and 3100, and the 3730 and 3730xl platforms. ABI said that the new software can analyze more than 100,000 genotypes per hour when used with the SNPlex system.

Illumina plans to launch mid-year its first whole-genome products in the form of two Sentrix BeadChips, the company said last week. The first array is designed to analyze six discrete whole-human-genome samples on one chip, interrogating in each sample approximately 48,000 transcripts from the estimated 30,000 genes in the human genome, Illumina said.

The second chip analyzes eight samples in parallel against the roughly 22,000 genes represented in the consensus RefSeq database. Illumina will provide customers with hybridization reagents and complete sample preparation and labeling protocols for whole-genome expression analysis, the company said.


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