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Aclara BioSciences, BD Biosciences


Aclara BioSciences has launched an expanded set of eTag gene-expression assays, which include 11 different pre-formatted and validated panels of genes that range in the number of genes monitored from six to 24. In addition to these gene panels, the company has assembled a collection of assays for other individual genes involved in drug toxicity that can be configured into multi-gene panels. In the ADME/Tox area, this collection comprises around 300 human genes and 100 rat genes.

BD Biosciences has launched its QZyme assays for quantitative PCR. The system, for the real-time detection and quantification of specific cDNA and genomic DNA targets, is compatible with all real-time PCR instruments for single or multiplex analyses, BD said. The assays, which can measure fewer than 10 copies of target DNA, require no optimization since they rely on a single set of PCR cycling parameters that can be universally applied to detect any genomic DNA or mRNA target.

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