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AccessDNA Partners with Genetic Counselors

NEW YORK (GenomeWeb News) – AccessDNA, a company that offers an online resource for consumer genetics information, said today that it has created a partnership with Informed Medical Decisions to offer telephone counseling to its users.

AccessDNA, which offers genetics-related information, services, and support online and is based in Los Angeles, said that the alliance it has formed with the network of genetic counselors will enable it to offer several telephone-based services.

The counseling will cover areas such as prenatal, adult, and cancer genetics, as well as family history risk analyses, and the benefits and limitations of genetic testing. The services also will include test coordination and interpretation of information on medical genetics, ancestry, and paternity.

"Genetic counseling is so important for someone with a personal or family history of an inherited disease or planning a pregnancy, and I am thrilled our users now have access to these important services, no matter where they are located," AccessDNA Founder and CEO Lee Essner said in a statement.