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InstantLabs said that it has placed 20 beta versions of its portable real-time PCR testing system, including eight in the Middle East, where it sees a rapidly developing market for food testing and infectious disease testing due to the area's large guest worker population.

Nascent firm DevaCell believes that its ScanStream instrument will cost a tenth the price of comparable commercial platforms and save the US healthcare system $5 billion to $10 billion per year by curbing the incidence of hospital-associated infections.

BioMérieux’s NucliSens EasyQ MRSA test; Abbott's RealTime CMV assay; Roche's Cobas TaqScreen MPX Test v2.0; Idaho Tech's Q Fever molecular assay; Gen-Probe's Panther system.

The French firm's NucliSens EasyQ MRSA test detects seven MRSA types, covering the most prevalent strains.

The company has developed a cartridge-based, multiplex, sample-to-answer molecular testing platform in the same vein as Cepheid, and hopes to begin clinical trials for its first two tests for detecting Staphylococcus aureus in blood culture and Clostridium difficile in stool by early summer.

The agency has created a list of recommendations for nucleic acid-based IVD tests for MRSA and SA in order to help test developers avoid problems such as false reports.

The assay, which is based on melt curve analysis, can currently detect and discriminate between nearly 40 important clinical bacterial species, and may eventually be able to test for more than 100 such species, according to the project's lead scientist.

Westburg BV will distribute the newly CE-Marked test in the Benelux countries.

The Australian firms gained the rights to exclusively distribute the real-time PCR-based test.

QuantaLife said this week that the grant will allow it to "broaden its product pipeline" to build a platform for detecting MRSA. The company plans to perform clinical testing in collaboration with the University of Mississippi Medical Center.


CBS This Morning highlights recent Medicare fraud involving offers of genetic testing.

Researchers find that many cancer drugs in development don't work quite how their developers thought they did, as Discover's D-brief blog reports.

Mariya Gabriel, a Bulgarian politician, is to be the next European Union research commissioner, according to Science.

In Science this week: a survey indicates that US adults are more likely to support the agricultural use of gene drives if they target non-native species and if they are limited, and more.