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The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society grant will fund genome-wide analysis research.

The study confirmed expected immune system behavior and offered insights into the transition of hematopoietic cells through known stages of development. It also provided a profile of normal signaling against which data on diseased cells such as cancer cells can be compared, said one of the researchers.

In the first study, four AIDS patients with lymphoma received treatment and are doing well, with no signs of treatment-related adverse effects.

Using mutation and gene expression patterns from non-Hodgkin's lymphoma cell lines, scientists from Genentech and elsewhere have come up with a gene expression signature for predicting response to a CD40 stimulating therapy called dacetuzumab that's being developed to treat B cell cancers.

The research suggests that HDAC inhibitors may be more selective than previously thought, a finding that could help scientists more fully understand the biological pathways associated with the proteins and better identify potential epigenetic drug targets, said one of the researchers.

PCR Insider spoke with team member Christopher Gocke about the method, which improves the researchers' ability to detect chromosomal translocations and small insertion or deletion mutations characteristic of cancers such as follicular lymphoma and leukemia.

Insight is developing the tests using TaqMan probes on Life Technologies' ABI 7500 Fast Dx real-time PCR system to help physicians monitor cancer patients for mutations and upregulation in the ALK gene in order to make more effective treatment decisions.

With the assay, the Stanford researchers have begun examining protein phosphorylation levels in a variety of cancer types. The team has also entered into collaborations with several pharmaceutical firms to investigate the effects of therapeutic agents on protein phosphorylation levels in tumor cells.

Elaine Mardis presented preliminary data on the whole-genome sequencing of an AML relapse tumor at last week's Biology of Genomes meeting at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory.

This is the second vaccine-development partnership struck between Advaxis and City of Hope in as many years, further cementing an ongoing and mutually beneficial research partnership between the company and the cancer research center, according to an Advaxis executive.


According to BBC News, the global vaccine-sharing initiative has sent its first shipment, which arrived in Ghana this week.

CNN reports that a US Food and Drug Administration document says Johnson & Johnson's SARS-CoV-2 vaccine meets the requirements to receive an Emergency Use Authorization.

Researchers in France are developing a new, fast test for SARS-CoV-2 that initial testing indicates may be highly accurate, the Guardian says.

In Cell this week: analysis of fitness patterns among SARS-CoV-2 isolates, single-cell transcriptome analysis of immune features in COVID-19, and more.