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immune system diseases

The Immune Tolerance Institute and the David H. Murdock Research Institute have established the Center for Critical Path Research in Immunology, which will operate at the Murdock Institute's facility in the North Carolina Research Campus.

The high-throughput and assay development agreement will focus on identifying and validating hits for an immune disease and cancer-related target.

New Products: Feb 19, 2009


Olink Biosciences


Google's Project Nightingale has collected health information on millions of Americans, according to the Wall Street Journal.

An opinion piece at The Hill criticizes the proposed plan to collect DNA samples from migrants at the US border.

Nature News writes that women in chemistry are less likely to have their manuscripts accepted for publication.

In PNAS this week: tRNA fragment signature for chronic lymphocytic leukemia, genomic sites sensitive to ultraviolet radiation in melanocytes, and more.