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head and neck cancer

A subset of mutation-associated neoantigens appeared to be lost from lung or head and neck tumors that became resistant to anti-PD1 or anti-PD1 and anti-CLTA4 therapy.

Spokespersons from Bio-Rad noted that there appears to be an increasing number of researchers using ddPCR for methylation analyses.

Understanding whether, how, and where HPV integrates into the genome could help predict patient outcomes and make treatment decisions.

The MD Anderson researchers aim to combine computational and functional approaches to investigate genomic alterations as novel therapeutic targets.

Researchers hope to advance the technology to support an assay to help personalize oral cancer treatment by avoiding the development of mucositis.

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A proof-of-principle study suggests blood and saliva may contain markers for finding and following head and neck squamous cell carcinomas.

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Kura's clinical collaborators will conduct NGS analysis to identify patients with HRAS mutations and who may also respond to tipifarnib.

The test, called CANScript, combines an ex vivo tumor ecosystem with a machine learning algorithm to predict the therapeutic efficacy of cancer drugs.


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Technology Review points out that a new US presidential science advisor hasn't been selected.

Researchers find that blood tests might be able to help determine severity of a concussion, Wired reports.

President-elect Donald Trump considers other candidates for director of the National Institutes of Health, Nature News reports.