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A donation will fund the Yale Program in Brain Tumor Research, an effort to sequence and analyze tumors for important mutations.

Using microarray analyses, researchers have detected a stem cell-related gene expression pattern in an aggressive subtype of glioblastoma multiforme that involves cells expressing the transmembrane protein CD133.

Four projects have received funding from the NIH, including a proteomics-directed study targeting Mycobacterium tuberculosis and an NCI multi-site prospective study of glioma patients.

In particular, George Mason University researcher Emanuel Petricoin expressed concerns about the project's plan to use samples from different patient cohorts for its discovery and verification stages.

The combined grants are worth nearly $650,000 and are meant to support work on treatments for cancer and Huntington's disease.

The slew of PGx abstracts presented by the drug giant at the annual oncology meeting highlighted its “focused approach to cancer drug development through the identification and validation of molecular targets,” Pfizer said.

While using stem cells allows Stemina to "make the tissue type of interest. It's an all-human system," and allows the firm to build "the best potential in vitro environment to study a particular question," its CEO said.

Pfizer and Qiagen have expanded their personalized medicine portfolio with an Rx/Dx collaboration in glioblastoma multiforme.

Qiagen's DxS subsidiary will develop a PCR-based test to help identify ideal patients for a vaccine that Pfizer is developing for glioblastoma multiforme.

The scientists said the project illustrates that thorough sequence analyses of cancer genomes can be done quickly, efficiently, and at a low cost outside of the large sequencing centers.


Researchers representing scientists and students of Chinese descent voice their concerns about recent US policies and rhetoric.

Wired reports that researchers have shown they could reprogram a DNA-based computer.

Researchers say increased diversity in genomic studies will benefit all, PBS NewsHour reports.

In Science this week: whole-genome sequencing of single sperm cells, and more.