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fungal infections

The MIT researchers said that the mutational signature could be used to identify people exposed to aflatoxin who are at risk of developing liver cancer.

The firm said that its metagenomic sequencing-based service provides a broad scope of pathogen testing for people with chronic medical conditions.

Encouraged by positive customer feedback from early installations, the firm is shifting its sales focus to the ePlex system and respiratory pathogen panel.   

The assay relies on detection of a fungal disaccharide in patient serum and showed performance that was comparable and complementary to existing diagnostics.

The firm's approach to sepsis is at the core of its infectious disease testing strategy with MDx, biomarker tests, and mass spec technologies all playing a role.

Using genome sequencing and comparative genomics, two research teams characterized the black streak disease-causing pathogen and related fungal species.

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Taxonomer uses nucleotide and protein information to detect and classify pathogens in clinical samples more accurately and faster than methods like Kraken and SURPI

Using thousands of old samples, researchers explored the historical context for rising presence of the Nosema bombi fungal pathogen in wild bumble bee populations.

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Ivanka Trump and Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos call on girls to pursue STEM careers, the Associated Press reports.

Some science companies will be taking part in next month's March for Science, Fortune reports.

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Shale oil companies are turning to DNA sequencing to find spots to drill, Reuters reports.