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New Releases: Feb 23, 2011


Originally published Feb. 21.

Sigma Life Science this week launched genetically modified cancer cell lines called CompoZr Oncology Disease Model cell lines, which the company will offer to others(researchers too?) developing personalized medicine products for lung and colorectal cancers.

Sigma Life Science, the research subsidiary of Sigma-Aldrich, said in a statement that these human knockout and knock-in oncology cell lines, created using Sigma’s proprietary CompoZr Zinc Finger Nuclease technology, offer researchers "cellular models of cancer that are expected to enhance development of drugs for personalized medicine." .

According to the company, the cell lines enable high-throughput screening of drugs and biologics, and will enable target validation, identification of a drug's mechanism of action, and insights into disease progression.

This product "should enable researchers to study the effect of the mutation in its natural genomic context, using isogenic parental cells to help evaluate specific modifications without complications arising from background mutations," Sigma Life Science stated.

Although the cell lines will initially be offered to companies and researchers investigating personalized treatments for lung and colorectal cancer, later this year Sigma Life Science will introduce a panel of genetically-modified breast cancer cell lines.