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Navigenics Adds New Health Conditions to Health Compass


Navigenics has added five new health conditions to its genetic screening test panel and improved its screening tests for Alzheimer’s disease, the company announced this week.

Navigenics' $2,500 Health Compass service, launched in 2007 to screen for the genetic risk of 23 conditions, now screens for five additional health conditions: deep vein thrombosis, hemochromatosis, lactose intolerance, melanoma, and sarcoidosis.

By comparison, 23andMe claims that its service currently screens for 114 conditions and traits, while Decode Genetics claims that its DecodeMe service screens for 39 diseases and traits.

Health Compass also now tests for an additional 53 SNPs related to 12 health conditions, "which enhances the predictive ability of our genetic tests," Navigenics said on its company blog, The Navigator, this week.

"With these changes, our Health Compass customers will receive the most up-to-date results."

In addition, the company has added two new SNPs to its Health Compass genetic testing service for Alzheimer’s disease that directly measure whether a person carries the APOE-2, APOE-3, or APOE-4 variants. The company has also included in the service 18 new SNPs for Crohn's disease, nine new SNPs for lupus, seven for type 2 diabetes, five for prostate cancer, three for macular degeneration, two each for celiac disease and rheumatoid arthritis, and one each for breast cancer, obesity, osteoarthritis, psoriasis, and restless leg syndrome.

The $2,500 cost for Health Compass includes genetic risk updates for these additional diseases and SNPs.

In addition to Health Compass, Navigenics launched a pared-down version of its service earlier this year, called Annual Insight, which for $499 provides individuals information about their genetic predisposition for 10 common health conditions [see PGx Reporter 02-04-2009].

The Annual Insight service requires customers to pay yearly fees to retain their enrollment and receive updates.

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