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Cuts at Some Health Tech Startups

Health tech startups are laying off or furloughing workers as they take hits from the coronavirus pandemic and related economic crisis, Stat News reports.

For instance, it reports that the healthcare billing startup Anagram has laid off 17 people, the nurse-hiring platform Incredible health has laid off nine people, and Halo Neuroscience, which is working on brain stimulation technology, has furloughed most of its 30 or so employees. "We had to pause specific markets, as hospital cancellations of elective procedures have reduced hospital revenue and slowed hiring in those specific markets," Iman Abuzeid, the CEO and co-founder of Incredible Health, tells Stat News in an email. 

Stat News says that these layoffs could be a sign that more are to come in the field, but it also notes that the field might not be uniformly affected, as it previously reported that telehealth services are experiencing an increase in demand.