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The demonstration project at the Wolfson Institute aims to assess the cost-effectiveness, uptake, and outcomes of the Iona test when offered as a reflex test. 

The allaince will enable Greek labs to offer for the first time a non-invasive prenatal screening test locally, rather than sending samples out of the country.

Under the agreement, OriGen will send maternal blood samples to Premaitha's clinical laboratory in the UK, which will analyze them using the firm's Iona test.

The company's new clinical laboratory will provide interim and backup services for its customers.

This is My will offer the test at its clinics in Leeds, Manchester, Liverpool, Hull, Coventry, Halifax, Durham, and London.

The UK NIPT firm said that is creating a provision of £500,000 to cover expected expenses related to litigation involving Illumina.

Premaitha launched its CE-marked in vitro diagnostic Iona test for noninvasive prenatal aneuploidy screening earlier this year.

The partners will work to establish Centrum Badan as the preferred testing partner for the NGS-based test in Poland, which had 376,000 live births last year.

Under the three-year project award, Premaitha and St George's plan to establish a UK Centre of Excellence for Prenatal Screening.

Illumina and its subisidiary Verinata allege Premaitha's Iona test infringes two European patents relating to the use of cell-free fetal DNA for NIPT.


A South African university has told the Wellcome Sanger Institute to return DNA samples it has from indigenous African communities, The Times reports.

The University of California, Berkeley's Rasmus Nielsen and Xinzhu Wei have retracted their CCR5 gene paper due to a technical artifact.


University of Virginia researchers are exploring a genetic risk test to gauge type 1 diabetes risk, NPR reports.

In PNAS this week: researchers compare two high-grade neuroendocrine lung cancers, height among ancient Europeans, and more.