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ASMS Focus: New Products from Thermo Fisher, Bruker, Waters, Shimadzu, Agilent, and Bio-Rad

Movers & Shakers


Sarah Trimpin

The database, expected to be available next year, would allow biopharmaceutical manufacturers to confirm the structure of glycosylated proteins, which in turn could lead to safer and more effective biopharmaceuticals, the two parties said.

The partners will combine their expertise in glycan analysis and glycobiology to create a new database intended to help speed up glycosylation analysis.

Demand for the firm's newest instruments helped offset immaterial NIH stimulus spending and weaker-than-expected pharma sales.

Waters cited new products sales and improved end markets for the increase in revenues.

Total compensation for CEOs of four of the five top mass-spec vendors fell last year, reflecting a downturn in their companies' business and continuing a trend begun in 2008.

Also at the conference, Agilent and Bruker introduced new mass specs, Thermo Fisher trumpeted its newest MS platforms, and Waters continued pushing its Acquity UPLC.

The firm placed $100M worth of notes due in February 2020.

The marketing and supply agreement covers the Daisogel bulk packing materials and media for process chromatography and HPLC columns.


A new Trump executive order about "free inquiry" on college campuses may threaten $35 billion-worth of federal research funding, reports Ars Technica.

As we enter conference season, Nature News asks why graduate students and postdocs are sometimes forced to choose between paying the rent and paying to attend important meetings.

A new analysis says that a 2018 study claiming to show biparental mtDNA inheritance has several flaws.

In PNAS this week: a genome sequence analysis of Crucihimalaya himalaica, multicellularity and fruiting body development in mushroom-forming fungi, and more.