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The companies will co-market mass spectrometry tools with characterization software.

New Products


Thermo Fisher Scientific, Bruker, Waters, Agilent

According to Matthew Kuruc, COO of PIN member ProFact Proteomics, the network aims to help smaller firms offer complete solutions similar to those increasingly provided by large instrument vendors and to popularize non-mass spec-based proteomics workflows.

Movers & Shakers


Arthur Moseley, David Lemus, Rainer Metternich, William Curry

According to President and CEO Douglas Berthiaume, LC and mass spec instrument sales both grew at rates of over 20 percent as the company saw "continued rapid uptake" of its Acuity H-Class UPLC and Xevo mass spectrometry systems.

Analysts revised EPS and revenue estimates as well as target prices following earnings releases on Tuesday by Illumina, Life Technologies, Waters, and Becton Dickinson.

During a conference call, CEO Douglas Berthiaume said that while there have been no significant effects so far of the Japanese earthquake and tsunami on Waters, the potential for an adverse impact remained.

While peptide-based techniques have dominated proteomics over the last decade, advances in instrumentation and a growing appreciation of the importance of protein isoforms are leading to increased interest in intact protein research.

While Bruker launched its new maXis 4G mass spec and hinted at an LC/MS triple quadrupole instrument to come, most mass spec vendors offered little in the way of new machines for proteomics research, spotlighting instead workflows using their existing product lines.

New Products


Bruker, Agilent, Dionex, Waters


Newsweek discusses the privacy issues raised by digital medicine.

A group of statisticians wants to eliminate researchers' reliance on 'statistical significance,' according to NPR.

In Nature this week: genetic analysis of Anatolian farmers, cotton genome analysis, and more.

Matt Hancock, the UK health secretary, is calling for the swift rollout of predictive genetic tests, the Guardian reports.