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The company reiterated its revenue guidance forecast of $48 million to $53 million for full-year 2015 and Afirma GEC test volume forecast of 19,000 to 21,000.

The International Thyroid Congress and Annual Meeting of the American Thyroid Association announced studies validating diagnostics tests for several companies.

The initial CMS pricing for algorithm-based tests has raised objections from labs and industry observers.

The company said its revenues rose on increased sales of its Afirma gene expression classifier tests, which benefited from increased insurance coverage.

The test differentiates benign thyroid nodules from cancerous ones.

The bronchial gene expression classifier test may help prevent lung biopsies by recommending patients for close monitoring instead of surgery.

The increased revenues were driven by a 30 percent uptick in Afirma gene expression classifier test volume.

The new and existing investors will purchase 4,907,975 shares of common stock at $8.15 per share.

The partners will explore the feasibility of combining medical imaging data with genomic and clinical data to inform disease diagnosis.

The firm also disclosed that it has paid $1.2 million in severance and bonuses related to its acquisition of Allegro Diagnostics.


A bill passed by a US House of Representatives appropriations subcommittee would give scientific agencies including the National Science Foundation boosts in funding.

University of Idaho researchers model the scientific discovery process to examine the link between reproducibility and scientific truth.

Relocating USDA agencies outside of Washington, DC, may make them less effective, critics of the move tell NPR.

In PLOS this week: genes that help Borrelia burgdorferi survive in ticks, CiliaCarta collection of about 1,000 suspected cilia genes, and more.