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New Products: Feb 1, 2011


DNAStar's SeqMan NGen3, Halo Genomics' targeted resequencing kit, NuGen's Ovation Prokaryotic RNA-seq System, and the Sanger Institute's COSMIC version 51

The companies will develop and market automated next-gen sequencing sample prep methods on Caliper's Sciclone NGS workstation.

The firms will co-develop automation scripts for NuGen's Ovation RNA-Seq System and Encore NGS Multiplex System I on Caliper's Sciclone NGS Workstation.

New Product Watch: Jan 25, 2011


NanoString Technologies' nCounter Mouse miRNA Expression Assay Kit, Tecan's HydroSpeed Plate Washer, TriLink Biotechnologies' CleanAmp 7-deaza-dGTP Kit

The agreement builds upon an existing OEM pact between the companies under which Tecan is manufacturing and will help market Enigma's forthcoming Enigma ML testing device for the point-of-care and low-complexity laboratory markets.

Tecan has licensed molecular diagnostics technology from Enigma Diagnostics.

The firms will co-market Covaris' Adaptive Focused Acoustics systems with Tecan's Freedom EVO liquid handling instruments.

Product Watch: Nov 4, 2010


Qiagen's FFPE kits, NuGen's Ovation FFPE kits, NanoString's nCounter Copy Number Variation CodeSets, Illumina's TruSeq sample-prep kits, the Agilent SureSelect XT Target Enrichment System

New Products: Nov 2, 2010


NuGen's Ovation WGA FFPE and Ovation RNA-Seq FFPE systems and BioNanomatrix's nanoAnalyzer 1000 System.

Luminex said that it expects to launch the platform, to be called NeoPlex4, in 2011 and "once it receives regulatory clearance, [it] will be a fully automated, walk-away testing platform for multiplexed newborn screening."


A letter criticizing actions by the US government and research institutions toward Chinese and Chinese-American scientists has garnered more than a hundred signatories.

NPR reports that researchers in New York are investigating whether it is possible to edit the genomes of human sperm.

In an opinion piece at the Nation, Sarah Lawrence College's Laura Hercher argues that everyone should be able to access prenatal genetic testing.

In Nature this week: ancient DNA uncovers presence of Mediterranean migrants at a Himalayan lake, and more.