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Paired Ends: Oct 13, 2009


Christopher Raymond, Dennis Ausiello, David Baltimore, Eli Broad, Drew Gilpin Faust, Jeffrey Flier, Susan Hockfield, Seth Klarman, Eric Lander, William Lee, Arthur Levinson, Phillip Sharp, Patty Stonesifer, Ratan Tata, Diana Chapman Walsh

New Products: Oct 6, 2009


IlluminaCompute, NextGene, Ovation WGA System

Pairings: Jul 22, 2009


Gregory Porter

The companies will market cell culture workstations and cell detection devices.

New Product Watch: Apr 21, 2009


NuGen Technologies, Genedata

New Products: Mar 31, 2009


Fluidigm SlingShot, Thermo Fisher Scientific PCR and RT-PCR Kits, NuGen WT-Ovation One-Direct RNA Amplification System

New Product Watch: Mar 17, 2009


Affymetrix, Genisphere, Febit, Rosetta Biosoftware, NuGen Technologies


The Los Angeles Times reports that experts say Moderna's investigational COVID-19 vaccine results seem to be a step in the right direction, but that more testing is needed.

The Washington Post reports a new coronavirus data reporting protocol goes around the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The Trump Administration has reversed its policy that could have stripped international students of their visas, the New York Times says.

In Cell this week: proteomic and metabolomic analysis of blood from COVID-19 patients, change in phosphorylation with infection, and more.