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T2 Biosystems

The investment firm said the potential for T2's upcoming bacteria sepsis panel outweighs concerns over a lackluster launch for its Candida panel.

The company is also seeking regulatory approval for certain of its shareholders to sell up to $43 million in common stock from time to time.

The company also posted increased operating expenses related to R&D efforts and the added cost of doing business as a public company.

The loan amendment extends the deadline for drawing a $10 million tranche under the original loan agreement from June 30, 2015 to Dec. 31, 2015.

The investment bank said that T2 Biosystems is ahead of expectations in signing customers and placing its instruments.

The firm signed deals with a US hospital and a European reference lab for the T2Dx platform and T2 Candida sepsis test.

The investment bank maintained its stock ratings for Hologic, Cepheid, and T2 Biosystems.

The investment bank said the quick approval by the FDA for T2 Bio's platform and Candida test could signal high interest for the product in the medical community. 


A letter criticizing actions by the US government and research institutions toward Chinese and Chinese-American scientists has garnered more than a hundred signatories.

NPR reports that researchers in New York are investigating whether it is possible to edit the genomes of human sperm.

In an opinion piece at the Nation, Sarah Lawrence College's Laura Hercher argues that everyone should be able to access prenatal genetic testing.

In Nature this week: ancient DNA uncovers presence of Mediterranean migrants at a Himalayan lake, and more.