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NEC also is making an equity investment in SomaLogic, which is developing molecular diagnostics based on aptamers.

The two studies, published in Nature Precedings, are part of an effort by the Boulder, Colo.-based firm to gain more attention for the role its technology platform can play in diagnostics development.

IP Roundup: May 3, 2010


SomaLogic, Sony, Advanced Cell Diagnostics, Samsung Electronics, Penn State Research Foundation, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, the United States of America

The company, which has spent nine years developing its aptamer technology, is now on the cusp of launching a lung cancer diagnostic.


Nature News reports that recent proposed changes to the US National Science Foundation have raised concerns about a shift away from the agency's focus on basic research.

Noel Rose, the "father of autoimmunity," has died at 92, the Washington Post reports.

According to CNN, Legionella was discovered in buildings leased by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention as they reopened following coronavirus pandemic-related closures.

In PLOS this week: genetic analysis of malaria parasite populations in Southeast Asia, genomic surveillance of yellow fever virus in São Paulo, and more.