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The funding adds to a $121 million raise the company announced last month and will go towards expanding and commercializing its SomaScan platform.

The company said it will use proceeds from the round, which was led by Casdin Capital, to expand and commercialize its SomaScan platform and SomaSignal tests.

SomaLogic and the FDA will use the company's SomaScan proteomics platform to identify circulating pharmacodynamic biomarkers for biologics.

The approach could allow for more portable applications of its SomaScan technology while also improving the specificity of its proteomic measurements.

Other grant recipients include scientists from the University of Chicago, UCLA, UC Santa Barbara, and the University of Washington.

Using two-sample Mendelian randomization and colocalization analysis along with plasma proteomics, they identified 111 potential protein-disease links.

SomaLogic will analyze more than 40,000 samples, including from Amgen clinical trials, using its SomaScan platform, which measures up to 5,000 proteins.

High throughput and deep coverage have allowed firms like Olink and Somalogic to make inroads, especially among researchers working outside proteomics.

Highlights included mass spec-focused developments like data-independent acquisition and ion mobility along with platforms including Thermo Fisher's Q Exactive.


Politico notes that the Biden Administration has not yet nominated a permanent Food and Drug Administration commissioner. 

Anthony Fauci also informed the World Health Organization executive board that the US would be joining the COVAX initiative, according to CNBC.

A new preprint suggests some SARS-CoV-2 variants could affect the effectiveness of current vaccines, the Associated Press reports.

In Nature this week: Australian lungfish provides details on the movement of vertebrate life from water to land, and more.