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New Products: Feb 9, 2010


SoftGenetics GeneMarker Haplotype Analysis Application

NextGENe, CLC Bio de novo assembler, CytoSure Interpret, Taverna 2.1, EMBL Nucleotide Sequence Database, Biopython 1.53, BioPathwise DM

New Products: Dec 15, 2009


SoftGenetics Browser/Viewer

Ambry Genetics and ImaGenes are partnering with SoftGenetics and CLC Bio, respectively, to provide more in-depth bioinformatics services for their customers.

The strategic alliance gives Ambry's sequencing customers use of the NextGENe analysis software.

New Products: Oct 6, 2009


IlluminaCompute, NextGene, Ovation WGA System

New Products: Sep 8, 2009


Paired-Read Mapper for NextGene, Epicentre QuickExtract

New Products: Aug 25, 2009


SoftGenetics NextGene, IMG 2.9

For labs looking to complement — and, in some cases, replace — gene expression microarrays with RNA-seq, data analysis remains a major hurdle.


The Washington Post reports that a Russian Academy of Sciences commission has led to the retraction of hundreds of scientific papers.

The Los Angeles Times' Daily Pilot reports the chief executive of Vantari Genetics has pleaded guilty in a kickback scheme.

News 4 Jax reports that a Florida bill to prevent life and long-term care insurers from using genetic information in their coverage decisions has easily passed one committee.

In Science this week: potentially pathogenic mutations found in hematopoietic stem cells from young healthy donors, and more.