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New Products: Apr 26, 2011


Bioo Scientific's Air DNA Fragmentation Kit, SoftGenetics' NextGene, DNA Star's Lasergene 9

Ion Torrent will offer SoftGenetics' NextGene software as part of a cadre of next-generation sequence data analysis products for the Ion Personal Genome Machine.

New Products: Apr 19, 2011


SoftGenetics' NextGene available for Ion Torrent PGM, Fasteris' low-cost sequencing option

Downloads & Upgrades 2011/03/18


Glimmer for Geneious Pro, ChimerMarker, Mygenomatix, Reactome 36, SampleManager 10.0 LIMS

IntegenX will use SoftGenetics' GeneMarker HID software to provide the data analysis for the Apollo 200, which the company is developing for use by law enforcement agencies and the US Departments of Defense and Homeland Security.

New Products: Feb 22, 2011


SoftGenetics' STR Human Identity Analysis for NextGene, NCBI's GenBank release 182.0

In one deal, IntegenX gains access to Caliper's microfluidics patent portfolio. In the other, SoftGenetics will provide its GeneMarker HID software for IntegenX's 200 RapidHit DNA Profiling System.

CLC Genomics Workbench, EBI search service, SeQMan NGen, Library Studio, ScienceLink, Reaxys, WGS diagnostic reporting tool, NextGENe software, Compelte Genomics human genome sequences, Access Laboratory Workstation.

New Products: Jan 11, 2011


SoftGenetics' NextGene; NCBI's dbSNP; Life Technologies' Library Builder System, DNA and RNA Library Prep Kits, and LifeScope Genomic Analysis Software

New Products: Dec 21, 2010


SoftGenetics' Mutation Surveyor software, GenBank release 181.0


The Wall Street Journal looks into FamilyTreeDNA's handling of genetic genealogy searches by law enforcement.

In a point-counterpoint in the Boston Globe, researchers discuss the potential of gene editing to prevent Lyme disease, but also the pitfalls of doing so.

MIT's Technology Review reports that researchers hope to develop a CRISPR-based pain therapy.

In Science this week: atlas of malaria parasites' gene expression across their life cycles, and more.