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SoftGenetics has released an assembler for next-generation sequencing data from the Illumina MiSeq.

SoftGenetics has developed Floton, an assembly algorithm for Ion Torrent PGM paired-end sequencing data (

SoftGenetics has added a new capability to its NextGENe software that generates a list of possible causative mutation candidates when used with the tool's existing filtering capabilities.

New Products: Sep 7, 2011


SoftGenetics has released a version of its NextGene software that includes a new database function to narrow down variants in familial or other comparative sequencing studies.

The Protein Data Bank has released pdb_extract V3.11 as an online web tool and a downloadable workstation program.

New Products: Jul 26, 2011


Azco Biotech's MaxSeq, SoftGenetics' Mutation Surveyor

Mutation Surveyor 4.0, E-WorkBook Suite 9.1, RefSeq Release 48, GeneMania 2.2

BioKnowledge Transfer tool, NextGene 2.14, Sage-N Research Developer's Toolkit, EcoCyc-Mobile


The New York City Police Department will be removing DNA profiles from a local database if they are from people who were never convicted of a crime, the New York Times reports.

Science reports that accusations of sexual assault against a microbiome researcher has also led to questions about his academic certifications.

Wired reports that researchers are analyzing the DNA fish leave behind in water to study their populations.

In Science this week: comprehensive cellular map of the human thymus, evidence of admixture between the ancestors of Neanderthals and Denisovan and a 'superarchaic' population.