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IP Roundup: Mar 2, 2010


Samsung Electronics, Goodgene, Illumina, Suntory, Biochain Institute

IP Roundup: Feb 23, 2010


Fluidigm, Samsung Electronics, Autogenomics, AlleLogic Biosciences, Genomics USA, NGK Insulators

IP Roundup: Feb 9, 2010


University of Arkansas, High Throughput Genomics, Samsung Electronics, Purdue Research Foundation, Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute, Agilent Technologies

Patents awarded to Samsung Electronics, Micronics, Sanofi-Pasteur, and Gen-Probe

IP Roundup: Dec 22, 2009


Biocortech, Samsung Electronics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Agilent Technologies, Population Genetics Technologies, Life Technologies, Abbott Laboratories, Roche NimbleGen

IP Roundup: Nov 3, 2009


Sandia, SRU Biosystems, California Institute of Technology, Illumina, Samsung Electronics

IP Roundup: Sep 8, 2009


Aushon Biosystems, Hitachi, Samsung Electronics, University of Texas

IP Roundup: Apr 28, 2009


SRU Biosystems, Samsung Electronics, Sandia Corp., Agilent Technologies, BioArray Solutions, Fluidigm

IP Roundup: Apr 21, 2009


PerkinElmer, Samsung Electronics, Vanderbilt University, Able Signal, Purdue Research Foundation

IP Roundup: Apr 14, 2009


Bio-Rad Laboratories, Agilent Technologies, Samsung Electronics, Maven Technologies


NPR reports that researchers have developed chimeric embryos as part of work toward growing human organs in animals for organ transplants.

According to the Washington Post, the Biden Administration is set to make changes to federal restrictions on fetal tissue research.

In Science this week: approach to isolated trace DNA from archaic humans from sediments, and more.

Texas Monthly looks into the DNA Zoo being collected by Baylor College of Medicine researchers.