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By looking at microRNA profiles in two mouse models of obesity, researchers have identified a pair of closely related miRNAs that are involved in regulating glucose metabolism and insulin signaling.

Mary Glanville, Christopher Aker

Neil Gibson

The collaboration combines Regulus' miRNA platform with UCSD's animal models of angiogenesis.

The research will combine Regulus' miRNA platform with UCSD's expertise in animal models of angiogenesis, the company said.

The intellectual property relates to two miRNAs, miR-33a and miR-33b, as drug targets for metabolic diseases.

Peter Linsley, Kenneth Berlin, Brian Markison

Lars Karlsson

People in the News: Mar 3, 2011


Renee Lamb, Kevin Steffy

As part of a lawsuit seeking control of the technology, Santaris has successfully petitioned the European Patent Office to stay its review of Mirrx's patent application.


Google's Project Nightingale has collected health information on millions of Americans, according to the Wall Street Journal.

An opinion piece at The Hill criticizes the proposed plan to collect DNA samples from migrants at the US border.

Nature News writes that women in chemistry are less likely to have their manuscripts accepted for publication.

In PNAS this week: tRNA fragment signature for chronic lymphocytic leukemia, genomic sites sensitive to ultraviolet radiation in melanocytes, and more.