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Proteome Sciences

Under the deal, Sigma-Aldrich will continue selling products using the ProteoPrep name in Europe, Japan, and Australia.

Parexel will offer the PS Biomarker Services to biopharma firms seeking biomarkers to assess new compounds.

Movers & Shakers: Jan 22, 2010


Jamie Pinot, Michael Vamos, Ian Pike, Hans-Dieter Zuch, Peter Schulz-Knappe

The withdrawal from Life Technologies follows a licensing agreement reached last month between Thermo Fisher Scientific's Pierce Biotechnology and Life Tech on Proteome Sciences' isobaric mass tagging technology.

Proteome Sciences expects the deal to add $2million to its fourt-quarter revenue and to yield royalties to iTRAQ to 2021.

The three-year project, called BioTag, includes Proteome Sciences R&D, which will use its proprietary isobaric mass-labeling technology to develop tests from biomarkers discovered from the project.

The BioTag project will develop biomarkers and related technologies for use in translating drug candidates.

The firms will collaborate on development of Alzheimer's tests that will run on the Luminex platform.

Among the highlights for 2008 was a licensing deal for its TMT isobaric mass tagging technology with Thermo Fisher Scientific, which Proteome Sciences' chairman called "transformational" and said would provide the company with long-term revenue and royalties for a range of applications and products.

Proteome Sciences' revenues eclipsed the $1 million mark for fiscal-year 2008. The firm also cuts its loss.


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