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The companies plan to co-develop a genomic DNA isolation system for large-volume blood samples.

Promega's luciferase reporters will be used in SABiosciences' assays.

The company purchased its partner in bioluminescent technologies.

Terms of the deal, which will run for "at least" the next six months, call for Promega to provide certain of its cell-based assays and instruments, and for Stemina to provide its expertise growing and monitoring hESCs.

Promega's ability to make hepatocytes is limited, so it made sense to partner with a company such as Celsis IVT that specializes in providing cells and other in vitro testing products, a Promega official said.


Mainichi reports that 43 percent of Japanese individuals said they did not want to eat agricultural products that had been modified using gene-editing tools.

Two US Department of Agriculture research departments are moving to the Kansas City area, according to the Washington Post.

Slate's Jane Hu compares some at-home genetic tests to astrology.

In PLOS this week: analysis of polygenic risk scores for skin cancer, chronic pain GWAS, and more.