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Product Watch: Apr 22, 2010


WaferGen Biosystems SmartChip multi-sample dispenser; Promega Maxwell 16 LEV Blood DNA kit; Qiagen Investigator PCR assays; Thermo Scientific ABgene PCR plastics selection guide

Promega's Maxwell 16 IVD System, Norgen Biotek's diagnostic kits

Paired Ends: Mar 9, 2010


Colin Dykes, Dale Sanders, Chris Lamb, Michael Bevan, Maynard Olson, Elaine Mardis

The FBI approved the use of Promega's PowerPlex 16 HS System.

The method combines Promega's HaloCHIP DNA-protein complex capture technology and SwitchGear's high-throughput promoter assays.

The companies plan to co-develop a genomic DNA isolation system for large-volume blood samples.

Promega's luciferase reporters will be used in SABiosciences' assays.

The company purchased its partner in bioluminescent technologies.

Terms of the deal, which will run for "at least" the next six months, call for Promega to provide certain of its cell-based assays and instruments, and for Stemina to provide its expertise growing and monitoring hESCs.

Promega's ability to make hepatocytes is limited, so it made sense to partner with a company such as Celsis IVT that specializes in providing cells and other in vitro testing products, a Promega official said.


Nobel laureates and scientific societies urge NIH and the Department of Health and Human Services to revisit the recent decision to end funding for a coronavirus grant.

Bloomberg reports that BGI's SARS-CoV-2 testing sites in the Middle East have raised concerns among US officials.

A new Pew Research Center poll finds confidence in medical researchers has grown among US adults since the start of the coronavirus pandemic.

In Science this week: machine learning algorithm for faster Mendelian disorder diagnoses, gene linked to safe response to nitrogen-containing bisphosphonates, and more.