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Cisbio Biosystems and Promega have partnered to make the Promega HaloTag protein labeling system available for use on Cisbio's Tag-Lite platform.

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Promega's GoTaq 2-Step RT-qPCR system; Sage Science's Pippin Prep DNA size selection system.

Promega will sell a combined offering of kinase profiling tools from the two firms.

Cellular Dynamics International and Promega are embarking on a research collaboration to validate stem cell-based assays that can be used during drug development.

The technology, developed at the University of Hull, can perform PCR amplification using heating rates and reagent quantities an order of magnitude faster and smaller than commercial instruments.

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WaferGen Biosystems SmartChip multi-sample dispenser; Promega Maxwell 16 LEV Blood DNA kit; Qiagen Investigator PCR assays; Thermo Scientific ABgene PCR plastics selection guide

Promega's Maxwell 16 IVD System, Norgen Biotek's diagnostic kits

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Colin Dykes, Dale Sanders, Chris Lamb, Michael Bevan, Maynard Olson, Elaine Mardis

The FBI approved the use of Promega's PowerPlex 16 HS System.

The method combines Promega's HaloCHIP DNA-protein complex capture technology and SwitchGear's high-throughput promoter assays.


US National Institutes of Health Director Francis Collins says he will avoid male-only speaker panels.

Two patients fell ill, and one subsequently died, following a fecal microbiome transplant that harbored multi-drug-resistant bacteria, according to the New York Times.

Technology Review reports that eGenesis is testing whether organs from genetically modified pigs can be transplanted into monkeys.

In Science this week: almond reference genome, and more.