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Pacific Biosciences

The company is preparing to launch its SMRT DNA sequencer in late 2010.

Patents of Note


Sequencing-Related US Patents Granted June 24 – July 21

PacBio and Life Technologies, which owns VisiGen, are developing potentially rivaling real-time, single-molecule sequencing platforms, and the interference shows they claim ownership to related IP.


The USPTO named Pac Bio the senior party in a patent interference with Life Technologies regarding single-molecule sequencing technology and methods.

The Houston-based startup plans to commercialize the reagents, called Lightning Terminators, for use with at least one existing sequencing platform. Long term, it wants to develop its own sequencing instrument for applications in personalized genomics.

Sequencing Patents of Note


Sequencing-Related US Patents Granted Jan. 27 — March 3


CBS This Morning highlights recent Medicare fraud involving offers of genetic testing.

Researchers find that many cancer drugs in development don't work quite how their developers thought they did, as Discover's D-brief blog reports.

Mariya Gabriel, a Bulgarian politician, is to be the next European Union research commissioner, according to Science.

In Science this week: a survey indicates that US adults are more likely to support the agricultural use of gene drives if they target non-native species and if they are limited, and more.