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Pacific Biosciences

The single-molecule sequencing technology company has named the 11 firms that are the initial members of its new partner program, which is aimed at providing customers with complete solutions.

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Vance Vanier, Watt Webb

Patents of Note


Sequencing-Related US Patents Granted Dec. 1 — Dec. 22

While several competing sequencing platforms are focusing on large numbers of reads and low cost per base, PacBio is initially emphasizing the comparatively long read lengths, short run time, low cost per experiment, and different applications that its single-molecule analysis system will provide.

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Paired Ends: Oct 20, 2009


Jay Therrien, Evan Eichler, Avak Kahvejian, Leroy Hood, David Galas

Pat Brown, Pat Brooks

$28.7 million in stimulus funding boosted the number of awards for low-cost sequencing technology development this year from 10 to 17. Seven grants went to corporate research teams, at Pacific Biosciences, Helicos BioSciences, IBM, Ion Torrent Systems, Electronic Biosciences, GE Global Research, and Lightspeed Genomics. Another award supports collaborative research with Halcyon Molecular.

Helicos and Pacific Bio received funding from NHGRI tied to its signature stimulus act project — development of technologies for sequencing a human genome for $1,000 or less. In addition, GE received non-stimulus related funds to continue its efforts to develop a low-cost sequencing system.

Among the recipients of the awards are Helicos BioSciences and Pacific Biosciences.


A Harvard University professor has been charged with making false claims regarding funds he received from China, the New York Times reports.

Discover magazine reports that animal dissections might dissuade students from science careers, but that a firm has developed synthetic frogs for dissections.

Nature News reports that a US panel is reviewing current guidelines for federally funded gain-of-function viral research.

In PNAS this week: de novo mutation patterns among the Amish, an alternative RNA-seq method, and more.