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The project aims to develop high-content, multiplex assays capable of simultaneously detecting 35 National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases category A, B, and C viral agents, plus quantifying cytokine and chemokine responses in patients.

IP Roundup: Apr 5, 2011


National Taiwan University, NanoString Technologies, Agilent Technologies, Asuragen, Children's Hospital & Research Center, Corning, Advanced Liquid Logic, Health Discovery

The firm is positioning the nCounter Human Karyotype Panel as a faster, less expensive alternative to microarray-based approaches.

NanoString hires Chris Grimley as VP of marketing and Katherine Webster as VP of worldwide sales.

Paired Ends: Feb 15, 2011


Chris Grimley, Katherine Webster

Pairings: Feb 9, 2011


Christine Meda, J. Wayne Cowens

People in the News: Feb 3, 2011


NanoString names Wayne Cowens as CMO.

People in the News: Feb 1, 2011


Wayne Cowens

A recent licensing agreement for a panel of genes for breast cancer detection "marks really the debut of NanoString as a serious diagnostics developer," President and CEO Brad Gray said.

Product Watch: Jan 27, 2011


Agilent's SureSelect XT Mouse All Exon kit; NanoString's nCounter Mouse miRNA Expression kit; Ipsogen's BCR-ABL Mbcr IS-MMR kits; ATCC's Universal Mycoplasma Detection kit.


The Wall Street Journal reports that Russia's announcement of a coronavirus vaccine approval was met with concern as safety testing has not yet been completed.

New Scientist writes there aren't much data available on the accuracy of the two rapid COVID-19 tests the UK plans to roll out.

In PNAS this week: downstream effect of oncoprotein fusion, epigenetic changes influence tRNAs in colon cancer, and more.

Nature News reports that recent proposed changes to the US National Science Foundation have raised concerns about a shift away from the agency's focus on basic research.