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The Supreme Court's decision to send Prometheus v. Mayo back to the Federal Circuit gives the lower court an opportunity to come up with new methods for determining patentability with regard to advanced technologies. But nothing in the Supreme Court's recent actions sheds light on how the courts might deal with method patents related to genetic testing.

"Myriad is very much a player in the field of companion diagnostics," Myriad Genetics CEO Peter Meldrum told investors at the Goldman Sachs annual global healthcare conference earlier this month.

Myriad Genetics has made good on its promise to appeal a federal district court's recent determination that seven of its BRCA1/2 gene patents are invalid.

Myriad Genetics and the University of Utah Research Foundation are appealing a decision rendered in March that found that the company's BRCA gene patents are "unpatentable."

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Heiner Dreismann joins Myriad Genetics' board; Response Genetics names Michael McNulty as COO; Pall appoints Michael Egholm as CTO.

Cancer Voices Australia, the law firm Maurice Blackburn, and breast cancer patient Yvonne D'Arcy this week took legal action in Australia's Federal Court against four biotech companies — Myriad Genetics, Genetic Technologies, Centre de Recherce de Chul in Canada, and the Cancer Institute in Japan — to challenge the legality of gene patents.

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Michael Egholm, Todd Arnold, Heiner Dreismann

Biotechnology firms participating in the Alzheimer's Disease Neuroimaging Initiative have received plasma and CSF samples from ADNI participants and contributed funds for the processing of roughly 1,000 samples by biomarker discovery firm Rules-Based Medicine.

Helicos' shares fell 40 percent during the month of May, while CombiMatrix dropped 30 percent. Only three stocks in the GWDN Index gained value during the month.

According to Myriad President Mark Capone, physician visits during the quarter were "below historical levels" for routine medical treatments. "To respond to this issue we've continued to increase our focus on consumer awareness activities," he said.


The Oregon state Senate unanimously passed a bill that would make it easier for people convicted of crimes to initiate DNA testing of evidence, according to the Associated Press.

People reports that researchers have uncovered genetic variants that lead people to always feel full.

Florida state senators are to weigh a bill prohibiting life insurance companies from using genetic information in coverage decisions, according to Florida Politics.

In Genome Research this week: metagenomic sequencing assay that detects pathogens in cerebrospinal fluid, single-tube long fragment read approach, and more.