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During this week's earnings call, company officials outlined Myriad's ambitions to grow its presence in Europe, followed by expansion in other regions.

Myriad officials said the company is focusing on M&A activity, European expansion, and companion diagnostic development in the coming year.

During a conference call, CEO Peter Meldrum attributed the slowdown in revenue growth for the year to factors including general economic softness, fewer physician visits, and looser compliance by women with preventive measures, such as pap smears and mammograms.

The award will enable Rules-Based Medicine to add to its OncologyMAP panel immunoassays for 150 to 180 blood-based protein biomarkers associated with cancer.

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Myriad's stock continued its descent this year after an investment bank downgraded the firm and lowered its price target.

The $3 million award will go toward developing and validating multiplexed immunoassays that measure 150 to 180 blood-based biomarkers that the National Cancer Institute believes may be associated with cancer.

Many in the genetic testing industry have viewed the Bilski decision as a harbinger of the Supreme Court's thinking for future patent cases, including the anti-gene patenting suit filed against Myriad Genetics.

The Supreme Court's decision to send Prometheus v. Mayo back to the Federal Circuit gives the lower court an opportunity to come up with new methods for determining patentability with regard to advanced technologies. But nothing in the Supreme Court's recent actions sheds light on how the courts might deal with method patents related to genetic testing.


Nature News examines how science in the UK may fare as Boris Johnson, the next prime minister, pursues Brexit.

CNN reports that Immigration and Customs Enforcement in the US has expanded its DNA testing to seven sites along the southern border.

In PNAS this week: role for exosomes in neuronal circuit development, tuberculosis pathogen enzymes, and more.

Undoing Obamacare protections could affect people's willingness to undergo genetic testing, Sarah Lawrence College's Laura Hercher and the University of Iowa College of Law's Anya Prince write at BuzzFeed News.