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With the inclusion of ConfirmMDx in the Medi-Cal program, MDxHealth will seek access for the test in other state Medicaid programs.

The urine-based test is designed to identify men at high risk for aggressive prostate cancer, as well as those at low risk for the disease.

In the second half of the year, the firm plans to introduce a urine-based bladder cancer test and achieve sales growth between 30 and 50 percent.  

MDxHealth said the positive medical policy decision adds to growing recognition of the ConfirmMDx test's value for improving patient outcomes.

Cerba HealthCare Belgium will offer the test — which helps identify men at high risk for prostate cancer — in France, Belgium, and Luxembourg.

The test, which was recently included in the NCCN clinical guidelines, detects the methylation status of biomarkers associated with the cancer development process.

The technology is used in Qiagen's newly CE-marked test for cervical cancer and is complementary to human papillomavirus screening tests.

The company plans to launch its first bladder cancer test in the second half of the year, and is in the early stages of validating a third test for prostate cancer.

The company said that inclusion of its ConfirmMDx prostate cancer test in the National Comprehensive Cancer Network guidelines has helped drive adoption.

The company has partnered with the Andros Men's Health Clinic to offer the liquid biopsy diagnostic to its patients.


The Wall Street Journal looks into FamilyTreeDNA's handling of genetic genealogy searches by law enforcement.

In a point-counterpoint in the Boston Globe, researchers discuss the potential of gene editing to prevent Lyme disease, but also the pitfalls of doing so.

MIT's Technology Review reports that researchers hope to develop a CRISPR-based pain therapy.

In Science this week: atlas of malaria parasites' gene expression across their life cycles, and more.