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Veridex has received rights to use certain DNA methylation biomarkers for colorectal cancer and prostate cancer screening.

Takara has licensed non-exclusive rights to the technology for the research market.

Predictive Biosciences will have access to certain MDxHealth DNA methylation biomarkers to develop the tests.

In its new iteration, the company, which had been called OncoMethylone Sciences until last month, will be developing its own assays for launch in CLIA labs in the US.

MDxHealth aims to leverage its DNA methylation platform to develop and commercialize molecular diagnostic, prognostic, and predictive tests for cancer patients.

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Although OncoMethylome could not disclose the specific drug development program for which its DNA methylation-specific PCR biomarker will be used, GSK's pipeline offers some hints as to the specific immunotherapeutic involved.

Pairings: Sep 29, 2010


Gregory Critchfield, Mansoor Raza Mirza, Slava Smolokowski, Melissa Thompson, Christopher Thibodeau, Mary-Claire King

Melissa Thompson, Christopher Thibodeau, Savvas Chamberlain, Mike Panayi, Audil Virk, Savvas Damaskinos, Ted Dixon

Under the agreement, GlaxoSmithKline may use a DNA methylation-specific biomarker developed by OncoMethylome in its immunotherapeutics program.


NPR says the explosion and fire earlier this week at a Russian lab that stores dangerous pathogens revives the question of whether such samples should be kept.

According to Wired, Nebula Genomics is providing a way for people to get their genomes sequenced anonymously.

A 26-year-old woman tells Cosmopolitan about learning her APOE status at a young age.

In Science journals this week: a functional genomic screen uncovers drug combination that increases KRAS inhibitor efficacy in aggressive lung cancer, and more.