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Exact has been evaluating several MDxHealth methylation biomarkers, among other biomarkers, as well as its methylation-specific PCR technology, under a previous licensing agreement.

MDxHealth said that Exact's decision to move forward with the test has triggered a milestone payment of an undisclosed amount. The company is also entitled to royalties on sales of the test once it is commercialized.

The division, called MDxHealth PharmacoDx, will collaborate with the University of Ghent to leverage next-generation epigenetic sequencing technology.

Veridex has received rights to use certain DNA methylation biomarkers for colorectal cancer and prostate cancer screening.

Takara has licensed non-exclusive rights to the technology for the research market.

Predictive Biosciences will have access to certain MDxHealth DNA methylation biomarkers to develop the tests.

In its new iteration, the company, which had been called OncoMethylone Sciences until last month, will be developing its own assays for launch in CLIA labs in the US.

MDxHealth aims to leverage its DNA methylation platform to develop and commercialize molecular diagnostic, prognostic, and predictive tests for cancer patients.

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Although OncoMethylome could not disclose the specific drug development program for which its DNA methylation-specific PCR biomarker will be used, GSK's pipeline offers some hints as to the specific immunotherapeutic involved.


At the Lancet, more than two dozen public health researchers condemn the conspiracy theories that have emerged surrounding the source of the COVID-19 outbreak.

The Washington Post reports that Philip Leder, who helped uncover how DNA codes for proteins and studied the role of genes in cancer, has died.

Researchers from Trinity College Dublin and the University of Pittsburgh look into how often de novo genes arise and how important they may be.

In Nucleic Acids Research this week: pipeline for genotyping Alu retrotransposon mobile element insertions, previously undocumented non-coding RNAs, and more.