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By Monica Heger
Korean genomic services provider Macrogen has expanded its sequencing fleet and plans to begin offering a clinical sequencing service for cancer by next year.

Based in Rockville, Md., and with offices in Europe and Asia, the company offers DNA sequencing services, including exome, whole genome, and targeted sequencing.

The company currently offers exome sequencing for $1,999 per sample, and whole human genomes for $15,000.

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Agilent Technologies and SeqWright's SureSelect Target Enrichment System,Roche NimbleGen and Macrogen's CGH/CNV Services, iKaryos' Virtual Karyotype

Macrogen will offer services in Korea using CGH/CNV tools from Roche NimbleGen.

The agency is requesting sequencing services on both the 454 and Illumina platforms. Beckman Coulter and Macrogen are among the companies interested in submitting proposals.

According to officials from both Macrogen and Roche, the study is an example of what they see as a growing desire from customers involved in SNP association studies to also look at CNVs across the same populations.


The American Prospect writes that the pilot program to test the DNA of migrants could lead to more family separations.

An international commission is to develop a report on how researchers, clinicians, and regulators should evaluate the clinical applications of human germline genome editing.

The US Department of Agriculture presents a new blueprint for animal genomic research.

In Genome Research this week: repetitive element deletion linked to altered methylation and more in form of muscular dystrophy; human contamination in draft bacterial and archaeal genomes; and more.