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I-SPY 2 is using genetic and other biomarkers to develop and evaluate breast cancer therapies more cheaply and quickly than current methods.

Scientists from the University of California, San Francisco, and the Indiana University School of Medicine will receive 600 Illumina Omni BeadChips, and EA will process and analyze the data at no cost.

The partners will provide sequencing and analysis services to up to eight grant winners.

The genomics services firm hopes to eventually target clinicians.

After inking a similar deal with Dako earlier in the month, Quintiles announced this week that it would collaborate with pharmacogenetics firm London Genetics to provide personalized medicine services to drug developers. Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.

The companies will provide biomarker and assay development services and consulting to biopharmas through a new alliance.

Dako and Quintiles have joined forces to develop companion diagnostics and drugs and to work with pharma to bring personalized medicine products to market.

As part of the new program, Illumina will provide the microarrays and reagents, and Expression Analysis will perform services and data analysis consultation relating to the genome-wide association studies, in both cases at no cost to the recipient.

Dako will develop cancer diagnostic tests, which Quintiles will perform as part of the clinical validation.

New Products: Oct 19, 2010


Genewiz's new Boston laboratory, Expression Analysis' single-lane sequencing services


The Washington Post reports on researchers' efforts to determine the effect of an increasingly common SARS-CoV-2 mutation.

Florida Politics reports Florida's law barring life, long-term care, and disability insurers from using genetic information in coverage decisions went into effect at the beginning of July.

A new analysis finds a link between popular media coverage of a scientific study and how often that paper is cited.

In Nature this week: CRISPR approaches to editing plant genomes, way to speed up DNA-PAINT, and more.