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In Brief This Week is a Friday column containing news items that our readers may have missed during the week.

CEO Amit Kumar said the firm may double the size of its sales team by the end of '09 as it looks to more than double the amount of patients it serves through its molecular diagnostics subsidiary this year.

While companies selling array-based tests, including CombiMatrix, Arrayit, and Veredus Labs, are keen to make their platforms available to laboratories for identifying the flu strain, the FDA has only given emergency use authorization for a PCR-based test. Moreover, companies that sell flu chips are unlikely to see their technology adopted unless the current swine flu strain mutates, according to some sources.

BioArray Briefs: 2009.05.05


CombiMatrix, Med BioGene, Fluidigm, Bioke, Enza Zaden, Duke University Medical Center, Wafergen

Combimatrix Hires Hovanes as lab director; Stephan joins Mitrionics' SAB; Obama taps Brinkman for DOE Office of Science; and more

Karine Hovanes, Dietrich Stephan, Frank Witney, Lukas Braunschweiler

BioArray Briefs: 2009.03.17


Illumina, DNAPrint Genomics, Asuragen, Agilent, CombiMatrix, NASA, SeqWright, Roche NimbleGen

NASA's Ames Research Center has granted CombiMatrix a four-year, $858,298 contract to design and test a microfluidic system that can be used in a satellite-based integrated genetic analysis platform for assessing genetic changes in bacteria in space.

During the firm's earnings call last week, CEO Amit Kumar said that the company's diagnostics services performance would be most indicative of how CombiMatrix would perform going forward.

The company last month presented data showing that the test could be used to detect cancer, but more work is needed to refine the test so that it can distinguish between different types of malignancies.


NBC Bay Area reports a California lab has been certified to conduct forensic mitochondrial DNA sequencing.

A Minnesota toddler given a gene therapy to treat her spinal muscular atrophy is now walking, according to Newsweek.

The New York Times reports on how environmental DNA sampling could monitor endangered species.

In Cell this week: proteomic, genomic, and transcriptomic analysis of endometrial cancer; deep neural network learning-based approach to antibiotic discovery; and more.