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Guardant Health

A small study has found that two next-generation sequencing tests that examined the same cancers uncovered different genetic alterations.

Guardant360 will be the preferred non-invasive assay for clinical testing of patients at the Lurie Cancer Center, and will be used in various research efforts.

The company added three genes to its panel and said it has improved its detection limits, although validation data for these new performance numbers is not yet published.

The update includes several key initiatives such as a liquid biopsy database, a DoD-led longitudinal study, and NCI cloud collaborations with Amazon and Microsoft.

IPS Genomix will handle distribution and reimbursement for Guardant360 in the region, while Guardant continues to perform all actual testing in its US lab.

Representatives from industry, academia, the FDA, and insurance companies gathered for a joint FDA- and American Association for Cancer Research-sponsored workshop.

The companies will use Guardant's liquid biopsy assay to select patients with a biomarker for a clinical trial of an anti-RSP03 compound OncoMed is developing. 

The blood-based test will be covered by one of the largest health plans in the state of Michigan.

Under the agreement, Oncotest-Teva will handle patient sample and reimbursement in Israel, while Guardant continues to perform all testing in its US lab.

Using blood samples from more than 15,000 individuals with advanced cancer, researchers identified somatic mutation patterns similar to those in TCGA's database.


A UK woman is suing three National Health Service Trusts for not telling her about her father's Huntington's disease diagnosis, the BBC reports.

LiveScience reports that a novel mutation in the LPL gene was uncovered in three siblings with very high triglyceride levels.

The president of Nankai University is embroiled in a data manipulation scandal, the South China Morning Post reports.

In PNAS this week: cytotoxic CD4 T cell signature in supercentenarians, evolutionary history of beetles, and more.